What Can Players Expect With NBA 2K18?

NBA 2K is a franchise that enjoys a high level of popularity among ardent fans of video games. This basketball simulation video game franchise has managed to build a loyal fan base thanks to the graphics that the game provides along with the interesting features that form part of it. To date, as many as 17 installations of the game have been introduced, and each one has managed to attain immense popularity among players.

Such is the level of anticipation surrounding the game that even before the launch of one installation, people start wondering what the one after it is going to offer. While NBA 2K17 has just been launched, people are already sharing their excitement for NBA 2K18 and wondering what changes the installation is going to bring. It is seen that the franchise, which is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, pays heed to what the fans expect and endeavors to deliver the results they want.


NBA 2k18 Game Image

NBA 2k18 Game Image

A wishlist for the game

It is customary for the fans of the game to present a wish list for the upcoming installation of the game. While there is no denying that the game has a lot to offer, there is always something more that the fans want to make it more interesting and appealing. The changes they recommend are meant to give the game a more realistic touch while at the same time ensuring that their interest remains elevated. When a game has so many new versions introduced, it is quite natural to expect that things will come to a point when it starts to appear monotonous. NBA 2K has managed to evade such a fate due to the new changes that it constantly brings about.

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Fans also make its work a whole lot easier by expressing their wishes and what they hope to see. For instance, people are looking for some changes to the MyLeague. According to them, the “tendencies” should be rated according to the team with the changes being made according to the result of the match. Thus, when the CPU team modifies their roster, the shooting tendency would redistribute to the first scorer if this change is implemented. This is one of the wishes that have been expressed by fans. Another such wish is the feature of calling a play in timeouts which is something that is seen in real games as well. Players feel that this would give the game a more realistic touch.

It is always interesting and exciting to wait and see what the developers are going to come up with next. Considering their track record, it is expected that they would make changes that would be met with immense praise. Whether NBA 2K18 would be able to behold the popularity that its predecessors have witnessed remains to be seen. However, it is expected that the installation would be bigger and better and would leave the fans of the game impressed.

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