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A game that enjoys a high level of popularity

NBA 2K18 would be the 19th installation of the NBA 2K franchise, which is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. All the installments that have been introduced thus far enjoy a high level of popularity. Every installment has something new to offer, which is why people are always eager to find out what new feature is going to be brought to the table with a new installment.

While NBA 2K18 is still a bit far off, people have already begun discussing the changes they hope will be made to the game. Prior to the release of every installment, people present their wish list and hope that some of the changes they recommend are picked by the developers. Let us take a look at some of the changes that people are hoping to see in the 19th edition of the franchise.

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NBA 2k18 Game

The changes that people hope to see in NBA 2k18

A number of wishes have been presented by the ardent fans of the game. Let us take a look at some of them.

One of the most common changes that people hope to see is with regards to MyLeague. People want the “tendencies” to be rated in accordance to the team and the changes made should be based on the result of the matches. This implies that the CPU team should modify its roster with the shooting tendency being redistributed to the new first scorer. With this change, if a player explodes multiple times in a season, he should be given an increase in ratings along with tendencies, which would impact the chemistry of the team.

Another thing that players want is a better AI the CPU team managers, who are focused on increasing the OVR player rating. A team should be built based on the attitude of the coach i.e. slow or fast pace, tight defense, and small ball while paying attention to the investment on players’ synergies at the same time. It also appears that people are looking for a playbook designer tool feature for the game which, in their opinion, would make things more interesting.

Another interesting idea presented by a player is that players would be able to call for timeouts midair if the ball goes out of bounds. Calling a play in timeouts is something which is used in reality to strategize, so introducing this feature into the game would give it a realistic touch. Introducing feature such as that of slow-motion videos might also be a good idea as this would make the game interesting. Adding a super simulation mode in the absence of force fields which would prevent you from going out of bounds seems to be a good idea as well.

These are some expectations that fans of the games have. It remains to be seen how many of these would be fulfilled and whether fans would get what they are looking for.


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