NBA 2K18 Trailer

Waiting for NBA 2K18 Trailer to be released.

We have all seen the NBA 2K17 trailer and we all pretty much love how they produced it. It was one of the major factors to get us all pumped up about the release of the game. By the looks of it, the game seemed to have improved a whole lot. The trailer of the game basically told us what the game would be bringing to us, and we could judge how different it would be from the previous version. With the anticipation building up for the newest version of this game, many of us are anxiously waiting for the NBA 2K18 trailer to be released. From it, we will be able to tell how the game will actually turn out to be. If it is anything near the previous version, we know that the developers did their jobs well and found the spots that needed to be worked on.

So what are we hoping from the game and the NBA 2K18 trailer? We really hope that the developers have added the following features:

NBA 2k18 Trailer Image

NBA 2k18 Trailer Image

Choice of location

Who doesn’t want to play the NBA game in their preferred city? If this feature is added, you would be able to handpick the city that you would like to play the game in.

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Tutorial for beginners

Many people who purchase the game would be beginners. If the developers added a detailed tutorial and instructions for the game, it would be of great help to them, allowing them to become a great player in no time.

Editing options

Giving players the option to play around with the jerseys and other small details in the game would build a stronger connection between the player and the game.

Adding interviews

Having the chance to look at an interview of your team before you start the game would let you know your team better. Again, this would build a good connection between the game and the players, turning them into loyal fans.

Adding more teams

Every player is a fan of a different team in real life. Adding more classic teams to the game would allow the player to pick their choice of teams. It would also give them more options to choose from.

Game graphics

We believe that the graphics can be further worked upon. The better the graphics are of a game, the better the gaming experience gets. If the game gets better graphics, it will probably get us more hooked to the game if that’s even possible.

Quick create

People tend to spend a lot of time creating their own in-game players, while many feel that it is a hassle to create your own player. It would be easier and would save a lot of time if we could just create a simple player with one button.

So what will the trailer of the NBA 2K18 tell us? Will it give us all that we want, or will the trailer be just a teaser for the game? We sure hope that it gives us all the details so that we can judge what the game is going to be like. No matter what, we are sure we will still love it.

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