NBA 2K18 Complete Release Information & Features

2K fans around the way can now be pleased as we finally got some much-needed information on the upcoming “NBA 2k18”. The game will officially release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on September 19th. This will mark the 19th installment in the series, and developer “2K” will certainly aim for it being the best.

Tip-Off Edition

Despite the fact of the “official” release date being the 19th of September, Fans of the series or newcomers that pre-order the game are able to get the special early tip-off edition. This allows players to have access to the game on September 15th, four days earlier than the official release. Also, packaged in are some small, but useful digital content including:

  • 5,000 VC (Virtual Currency)
  • MyPlayer apparel
  • 10 Weekly MyTEAM packs
NBA 2k18 Editions Bonus

NBA 2k18 Editions Bonus


This year’s prices are pretty much as expected, except this year, players should expect a little more bang for their buck with almost guaranteed updated features (except last-gen versions, not enough information at this time) and a heavier arsenal in the pre-order bonuses.

NBA 2K18 Standard Edition-$59.99

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition-$99.99

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold-$149.99

All editions come with their own set of bonuses as a result of pre-ordering, which you can find in our article here- (Put Link To First Article Here).

Gameplay & Features

Although at this time not too much is known about what new features we’ll be getting in 2K18, we can safely assume that some fan-loved modes will most likely be getting a bit of a makeover. Popular modes such as “MyCareer” and “MyGM” will most likely be updated and have some awesome new features to enhance gameplay. Also, a visual enhancement is always in check with practically any new sports related title, and 2K18 will probably not be any different. However, last-gen versions of the game may not notice any graphical enhancements, nor too many new features, if any.

Also, new territory is arriving for 2K in the form of the Nintendo Switch. Although again, not much information has been released thus far, many speculate that the Switch version of the game will have special features dedicated to the uniqueness of the console. Make sure you stay tuned for E3 2017 for some major updates in anticipation of 2K18.

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