A WishList for NBA 2K18 – Expectation and Features

The long-awaited video game from the famous NBA 2K series is going to be released before we know it. With fans already ecstatic about the recent release of NBA 2K17, we are more than certain that they expect a lot more from the game that will follow near the end of 2017 – the very promising NBA 2K18. A lot of new features and improvements in graphics are expected, but what is the extent of this enhancement? What can a person expect? What do fans already expect or, better yet, wish for? This article will cover the expected features and wish list for the NBA 2K18.

NBA 2k18 Features

Although the final features aren’t officially announced yet, this is a NBA 2k18 wishlist of what we want them to be:

Classic Teams

As cliché as it may be, old is gold. The classic teams make the game a lot better since the feeling of having all the legends play in a competitive game would surely appease the fans.

NBA 2k18 Wishlist Image

NBA 2k18 Wishlist Image

Customized Courts

The courts where one can hold a match or even the location of the match should be left to the player to decide so that the game gets more interactive and makes for a good gaming experience.

Online Competition

Many other sports games have featured online matches in their recent releases, which make for a much more competitive and entertaining experience. It’s notable that players inevitably get tired playing with bots and it doesn’t seem as challenging to them, no matter what the difficulty. This is because the bots get predictable and don’t give as much of a natural experience as online players do.

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Better AI

Another way to make the game more enjoyable and competitive is by redesigning the AI. Although this is an obvious solution for almost all games, it still works and the game can be significantly more competitive if bots with better AI were to be introduced to it.

Original Players

Much like in other sports games, NBA 2K features customizable players, but one issue that arises in the game is that once created, the original character can’t be customized as the game is played. A feature for customizing the character later on as well should be added.

Online NBA 2k18 Career Mode

Adding to the online matches mentioned before, there should be a career mode online that lets a player gain experience or perks by playing with friends online as they play the usual career mode.

Create a NBA 2k18 Legend Mode

Another NBA 2k18 wishlist is to bring back a legend mode. This was a brilliant game mode that was very popular until the video game series discontinued the feature in NBA 2K14. This was a feature where a gamer could choose any player from a current team to play as that particular character throughout their career.


There are a lot of features we expect from the upcoming NBA 2K18, and this wish list is just the beginning. The fans are going wild as the release date draws nearer and the game is sure to deliver.


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